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Battle of Flowers

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The main Trinity Foat this year is Charlie's Candy Land designed by Nicolle Maltwood.  This is Nicolle's interpretation of Willy Wonka's Factory & his Candy Land mixed into one.  It features a large bridge across a chocolate river with the factory at the back of the float and lots of sweets.  The Junior Float is Down the Chocolate River.  This is a large seahorse boat with lots of Oompa Loompas.  It is covered in pampass grass with oars personalized by our juniors.

For updates on shed opening times, harestailing and other Battle activities please visit

Trinity Battle of Flowers also has a webiste with a calendar on it

Help is now needed with harestailing and then flowering during Battle Week.

Everyone is very welecome to come down to the shed on Bouley Bay Hill.  Even if you can only spare a few hours, please do come and help.  There's a lovely community feeling and great atmosphere.  The Battle Parade is on Thursday 10th August with the Moonlight Parade on Friday 11th August.

For additional information contact Nicolle Maltwood on 07797 783689 of