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Battle of Flowers

Battle of Flowers 2021 Annual Appeal Letter.pdf

2019 was once again a very successful year for Trinity Battle of Flowers. Our Senior float The Ghost Bride, designed by the Trinity Battle of Flowers Committee, pickied up the Most Humorous Award and the Moonlight Parade Carnival Atmosphere Award. Our Juniors paid tribute to Jersey Zoo with their float Durrell at 60 which scooped up 3 awards - Best Costumes for a smaller float, Wild Flowers award and Class Winners. Once again the community spirit of Trinity was in full force. 


So what’s in store for the 2020 parades? This year a design committee was formed made up of people from the Costume, dance, construction and harestail teams, in order to produce another award winning float. It was decided that the seniors and juniors would take inspiration from the same theme and both floats will be based on Mary Poppins, taking inspiration from the original film and the recent film Mary Poppins Returns. The Senior float will feature a pop up book at the front (a nod to the new film), a magnificent rainbow along the middle of the float which disappears into the rooftops and chimney sweeps at the back of the float. The juniors will feature Mary Poppins infamous never ending bag, hat and umbrella plus some very cute dancing penguins. Both floats will be extremely colourful and vibrant and covered in fresh flowers. We promise to get you up n your feet dancing to songs such as Step in Time and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 


Trinity Battle of Flowers are always open to new faces and welcome a helping hand. Our shed is located at the top of Bouley Bay Hill. If you have any skills that you think could be helpful to us then please get in touch. This could be anything from sewing, flowering, harestailling, dancing or even just cake baking, then we would love to hear from you. 


You can get in touch by either emailing our Chairwoman Collette Bisson at or our Secretary Anita Allchin at Alternatively we can be found on Facebook and Instagram by searching Trinity Battle of Flowers where you will find lots more information including upcoming fundraisers. 


We would like to thank all the parishioners of Trinity for their ongoing support and we look forward to seeing lots of you at the shed over the coming months