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St Saviour's Church News

Vin D'honneur for the Reverend Dyson

“Peter, our Rector, was given a Vin D’honneur at St Saviour’s Parish Hall and wishes to thank all who attended and especially our Connetable not only for the invitation and the evening  but also for the beautiful picture of an ormer painted by Kevin Pallot. It is lovely and will have pride of place in his new home on returning to England. It will be a lovely memory of his time in Jersey and particularly in the Parish of St Saviour”


Peter’s last Sunday in the Parish will be 25th October. On leaving a period between rector’s will occur, (called an interregnum). During that time, before the appointment of a new rector, the church will be under the care of our Dean, Mike Kierle. Services will continue every Sunday at 8.00am and 9.45am and all are welcome.


For general every day church inquiries, please contact our churchwarden Doreen Le Roy tel 875177


For particular inquiries about christenings please contact Doreen Le Roy tel 875177; or weddings please contact Sylvie Marquis on tel 07797722038 ; for funerals or burials Brian Williams on tel  855775 or Richard Blandin on or tel via the Parish Hall on  735864”


75th Liberation

We may be in lock down, but we can still remember, celebrate and give thanks for Liberation 75. Commencing on Tuesday 28th April and continuing until Liberation day on the 9th May, each day Reverend Dyson will reveal a story from the churchyard of those who played significant parts in the story of 1940 – 1945.



Immediate - 7 April 2020


Following a zoom meeting today of Church of England Clergy in Jersey, the Deanery of Jersey are announcing that from tomorrow, the 8th April, no services will be streamed live, or bells rung from any of its churches, until further notice.  

This is to comply with the directive given by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, asking all Clergy to remain at home wherever possible, in keeping with the guidelines issued by our respective governments and by which the general population are asked to abide.  Services over the Easter weekend and until further notice, will continue to be streamed live from Clergy homes or pre-recorded using social media.

The Clergy also agreed to use other means to ‘toll bells’ and therefore invite all people throughout the Channel Islands, to ring any bells that they may have in their homes, or play the sound through a PA system, phone or hand held electronic device, from their gardens or driveways or out of windows, at 10am on Easter Sunday, as a means of celebrating the great festival of Easter.

The Deans of Jersey and Guernsey said:  “Although, for the time being, we cannot use our wonderful buildings or stream services from within them, congregations and clergy across the Channel Islands are using the internet in really creative ways to stream and record services and we look forward to people “joining” us on Easter Day.  Please also ring or broadcast your bells from your homes, drives, gardens and balconies, at 10am on Easter Day to celebrate this great festival”.



You can follow the Parish church on Facebook here



Now that our Island has gone into lock down, we are limited in how together we can continue to show care to one another – it is wonderful to see how many people individually have made offers to help both our Parish and the Parish church.


For those who are near enough to the Parish Church to hear, I am going to ring for 5 minutes the church bell between 17.55 – 18.00 hours each day.


I am hoping it will remind each of us that we are part of a wider community – and perhaps we could use the time to think of one another, and especially the most vulnerable and isolated and those who work in our health service and other essential services.


We can do this whatever faith we hold or none because we have that common humanity together.


I will particularly pray for and think of all who live in our Parish of St Saviour during the ringing of the bell.


Bells are also rung, of course, at times of celebration, so I hope also it will remind us, however difficult these days are, and understandably frightening and dangerous for some, we will get through it together.


And finally, if this does not appeal to you, it might still have a use: my parents, who died long ago, used to have a rule that no evening drink before 18.00 hours – so you can use the bell as a count down (and perhaps raise a glass to one another)!!


With my warmest wishes





Message from the Rector and Connétable

Closure of St Saviour’s church building but not the closure of church!


This is to inform everyone of the very sad decision that we are closing our church temporarily as from this evening. The Dean has written asking all churches to consider that course of action, because the advice he has been given is that keeping it open puts people at risk. Jersey is, I think, the last Church of England area in the British Isles, where churches are still open. I am sure the strongly worded request for the safety of others, will very soon be mandatory – especially in the light of the Chief Ministers Statement to-day.


This is a sadness because I am sure our church has never before been closed in its 900 year history.


But of course, ultimately, the church is not a building but all trying to live out a living and loving faith. We will continue to be the church. And this is what we as a church are doing:


  1. We have a list together of many of our members who have responded to the invitation to keep in touch by phone and support the especially vulnerable and isolated. And thank you to them. I shall be sending the phone numbers out to them to make contact
  2. We are actively participating with other churches in the Day of Prayer which is taking place this Sunday 29th March We are all asked to participate at 6.00pm (see below), though our own rota goes from 7.00am to 6.30pm
  3. We have our virtual e mail bible study group and sending a weekly bible study, relating particularly to the current situation to its members
  4. We have put together lists of all our regular members with e mail or phone contacts, so that we can be in e mail contact where possible – which takes me to the last initiative:
  5. We have moved into the present age and are very active on FB with videos each day and about to go on You tube (am I really writing this??) – and a Sunday service being both videoed and sent hard copy to all on our e mail list. FB responses are to date very encouraging. You can follow at

There are a number of things we can all do at this time:


  1. Helping as a volunteer to keep in touch with someone vulnerable or isolated;
  2. Please all light a candle at 6.00pm on Sunday evening to pray for the situation in your own way – the Dean’s suggested list of prayer topics together with a prayer we are all asked to say, will go out to all our church members Saturday via e mail and FB
  3. Think about joining the virtual bible study – you get a weekly a portion of Scripture to read and a commentary – a great way to keep the spiritual side of our lives going whilst there can be no public worship
  4. Take part in our Sunday service in your own home If you can look on our Facebook page, like and comment and share. The details once again are:
  5. And, of course, pray for our church, our people, our Parish and our Island


And if you, or anyone you know needs support, encouragement or prayer, please contact our Rector, Peter, on 736679 or


With God’s blessing on you all


A message from the Reverend Peter Dyson

Because of the Corona virus and our, and everyone’s, responsibility to lessen its spread, St Saviour’s church will be closed for public worship (except weddings), from 17th March and until further notice.


BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR CHURCH IS OPEN ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY FOR PRIVATE PRAYER, REFLECTION AND TO GIVE PEACEHOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT AT THIS TIME. Please feel free to go in there on your own in the day, (using the sanitiser on the way in). It is a beautiful, tranquil and peaceful oasis. It is lovely to sit in, feeling the silence and getting a more comforting perspective.


 If you want there is Filling Station – a short pilgrimage. Starting just opposite the new servery – a bowl of water (changed every day) for us to reflect on the gift of life even in these times; half way up the church on a lectern (held up by an angel) with bible verses from Jesus; then in the lady chapel a prayer tree – and please put on either a prayer (write on the label) or a ribbon, (it is beautiful the way it is already festooned); and finally there is a candle to light – to remind us all that Christ is our light and we are to be light for him in the world. You can do this in 3 minutes or an hour whichever suits you and I hope, will give a spiritual anchor at this time. I am doing this every day.


In addition, if you would like, we could send you a weekly short Sunday service by e mail: opening prayer, bible reading, a thought for the week, prayers for all and a prayer of blessing. The content will be relevant to this uncertain and disturbing time and hopefully will be a help in the following week

Secondly we have a lovely e mail bible study group that receives a reading and commentary on the reading once a week. Again this can easily be sent to you if you wish – please just get back to me if that is the case

And, whilst we are not allowed to make physical visits, we are very keen that we particularly support all those in our wider parish community who need support, feel vulnerable or isolated – and a group from our church have offered and are available to keep in touch with you regularly by telephone. I, too, am very keen to give support whenever it is asked.

Mother Julian of Norwich who wrote in her own time of trouble in the C15th and in an age where sudden and sometimes severe illness was common, had a famous theme. We are all held in God’s infinite love and “All will be well, all manner of things will be well”, even in a time of such distress and uncertainty.

And finally if there is anything I or our church can do to help or give support, please just get in touch. And please pray for us and for our Island and World. If you would like either the weekly service or bible study, or any kind of support, please contact me on 736679

God bless you



Rector of St Saviour

17th March 2020

Stepping Stones is our group at St Saviour for those of pre-school age with their mums/dads, grandads/grandmas and their carers. It meets in the church every Monday in term time starting 10.00am and finishing 11.30am. It includes free play, singing and dancing, craftwork, a bible story and a healthy snack. It is a lovely, friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere. We have a new leader, Sylvie Marquis who can be contacted on and our Facebook page Stepping Stones Jersey at St Saviour's church. Cost for a session is £1.50 per child, babies under 6 months are free and 6-12 months are 50p. All are welcome – just drop in.

Church Services are held every Sunday morning.  8am 1662 said Holy Communion and 9.45 is Eucharist. There is a Family Service on the second Sunday of every month. There is also a Holy Communion at 11am on the third Wednesday of each month.

We welcome requests for Baptisms & Marriages especially from those living in the Parish or having connections with the Parish.  The same is true for funerals in the church and burials in the well kept and beautiful churchyard.  All these services can be adapted so they fit your family's needs.  Just contact Peter the Rector on 736679 for further information.

The Safeguarding Officer is Doreen Le Roy - Tel: 875177

The Churchwardens are Doreen Le Roy - Tel: 875177 and Andy Ilton - Tel: 727200

Safeguarding Policy Statement 2019 (003).jpeg

Please follow this link to Diocese’s Safeguarding page :

Please follow link to ‘A Church Near You’ website.


We now have a new Facebook page, follow us on Parish Church of St Saviour Channel Islands :

Upcoming events at St Saviour's Church

12th January - Baptism of Christ9.45am Family Service with Scouts / Christingle
19th January - Epiphany 29.45am Sung Parish Communion
26th January - Epiphany 39.45am Parish Communion
2nd February - Presentation of Christ9.45am Family Service
9th February - 3rd before Lent9.45am Parish Communion
16th February - 2nd before Lent9.45am Sung Parish Communion
23rd February - 1st before Lent9.45am Parish Communion
26th February - Ash Wednesday11.00am said 1662 Holy Communion
1st March - Lent 19.45am Parish Communion
8th March - Lent 29.45am Family Service
15th March - Lent 39.45am Sung Parish Communion
22nd March - Lent 4 Mothering Sunday9.45am Family Service with flowers presented 
29th March - Lent 5/Passion Sunday

30th March - Clean & bean
9.45am Parish Communion

6.30pm in church, all welcome to help clean and feast together afterwards
5th April - Palm Sunday9.45am Parish Communion with dramatic reading of the Gospel
9th April - Maundy Thursday7.00pm Holy Communion
10th April - Good Friday

11.00am Family Service

2.00pm Traditional Good Friday Service

12th April - Easter Day9.45am Family Communion
19th April - 2nd Sunday of Easter9.45am Family service with a Baptism included
26th April - 3rd Sunday of Easter9.45am Parish Communion

11.15am Annual congregational meeting

If you would like to hire the Church for an event or meeting please contact either Peter on 736679 or Doreen on 875177.

Filling Station: I find it helps in busy days to find five minutes to put the day in its right perspective: the busier I am, paradoxically the more I need it, to avoid being either over grumpy or stressed about everything. Filling Station is a way of helping me. And just as a day is it’s own journey, Filling Station involves a small walk , a mini-pilgrimage round the church. You can complete it in three minutes or three hours – it’s entirely up to you.  You can do the whole thing standing or sit if you prefer. See separate Flyer for more details – but please help get the word around.



St Saviour's Church is launching a new children's choir.

We need boys and girls to join and help lead Sunday Worship once a month (usually 2nd Sunday).

Rehearsals will run once a month on a Saturday afternoon from 5-6pm (with possible extras prior to special services)


No audition required – just a willingness to get involved and have fun!

Contact: Nikki Blampied DipABRSM, ATCL


Mob: 07797 734871

Any queries please contact the Rector, Peter Dyson, on 736679 . .