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First Time Buyers Scheme

Andium Homes is taking over the administration of the Band 5 waiting list from the Affordable Housing Gateway. Current applicants on this waiting list have recently been contacted to seek consent for their applications to be transferred from the Gateway to Andium Homes.


If you believe you should be registered on the Band 5 waiting list and have not received communications to seek consent for your application to be transferred, please contact the Affordable Housing Gateway team directly to ensure that your data is handled appropriately during the transfer process:


If the Gateway team does not receive a response from you by Wednesday 6 October, it will be assumed that you are no longer interested in purchasing and will not be chased further for your consent.


Housing Gateway application form.pdf


You can find minutes of the relevant meetings below:

04-April Parish Assembly 26-04-16 FTB Project-Minutes.pdf

See item 7 on agenda minutes for latest update: PARISH ASSEMBLY 1-11-16 Minutes.pdf

 FTB Item from Assembly 24.01.17  FTB Minutes from assembly 24-01-17.pdf

Assembly-30-05-17 Approved Minutes.pdf Licencing and FTB update

Parish Assembly Parish Assembly 13-09-17 FTB-MINUTES.pdf