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Battle of Flowers News

This area will give you up to date information and news on our Battle of Flowers float entry​.


21st June 2016 on Twitter

We have hairstails that need cutting. If you are able to take some and snip them for us please let us know on 482700

20th June 2016 on Twitter

We hope to have regular evenings for harestailing at the Parish Hall. Watch this space for details of our first session

June 2016 Communique Announcement

Flowering schedule:

August 3rd

The flowers to decorate the float are due to arrive

August 8th

Flowering the float is due to start

August 11th

Battle commences


Please volunteer if you possibly can. Also the Association's on the lookout for empty washing-up bottles to apply the glue and old newspapers to soak up any mess. If you can help please get in touch with the Parish Hall


2nd June 2016 on Twitter

St Mary's battle Float is under construction. Like our Facebook page for updates and details of how to get involved

June 2016 Communique Announcement

Let battle Commence in St Mary.

An army of helpers required as the Parish returns to the Battle of Flowers.

The most frequently asked question in St Mary has finally been given an answer-when will the Parish be entering another float in the Battle of Flowers? The answer is - this year! Although it won't be a full scale entry it will be the test-run for a forty five foot float next year. Even so this year's entry promises to be a fantastic float, thanks to the involvement of a design team that has been working on some of the exhibits at Tamba Park. It'll have a theme based on the Minions - the small, yellow cylindrical creatures with one or two eyes, who were the central figures in two Hollywood blockbuster films, 'Despicable Me' and 'Minions'. The float will be far from a static exhibit, featuring working after-burners, a rising platform and other technological gizmos. All that- and flowers!

The design was drawn up by secrets beneath, a scenic building company which has a base just outside St Mary. As well as designing exhibits for Tamba Park, it has also been involved in creating features for some of the Britains top theme parks including Alton Towers. The Company's MD Chris Colin said he hoped his company could give the St Mary entry the 'wow' factor. The local  entry will be called Miss St Mary and Friends and there'll be plenty of local involvement because the idea is that the float is the Minions' escape vehicle after wreaking havoc in the parish and taking Miss St Mary hostage.

constable Juliette Gallichan said, 'this year is all about engaging the people of St Mary in getting to grips with the idea of taking part in the Battle of Flowers, and acquiting a skill-set, and then running with it next year, but it is going to need everybody to give the idea support.'

A team of helpers is needed to volunteer asap. 'we need flower cutters, hairstailers, dressmakers,designers, builders, caterers, (bakers/sandwich makers and more) or just general helpers (there will be something for everyone!) and age (if they are/have children) said one of the organisers.

8th June 2016

Do you want to be involved in the community and do you have any spare time? Please come and join us - we need help from people of any age, with any experience and with any skills. we need Builders, gluers, harestailers, cake bakers, cutters and snippers, sandwich makers, dressmakers, performers, general dogsbody, designers... you name it, we need it! Please call the Parish hall on 482700 or find us on facebook @st Mary's Battle of Flowers Association. Thank You.


29th April 2016 on Twitter

For important news of St Mary re-entering the fray inBbattle of Flowers and details of float building opportunities, please visit our website


22nd March 2016

After an absence of several years, St Mary will be represented in the Battle of Flowers again this year. Please come along and find out what we are planning and how you can join in.