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Housing in St Martin

The Parish of St Martin Housing Association

The St Martin's Conservation & Development Plan, drafted by a Committee set up at the invitation of I.D.C in 1989 by the then Connétable Mr Stanley de la Haye, and later approved by the States in December 1993, recommended:

· That the Parish implement the development of old persons' homes
· States Loan family houses and starter homes within the rezoned areas.

On the 7th December 1993 the States approved the St Martin's Village Conservation and Development Plan. A Parish Assembly was held on Wednesday 5th January 1994 where parishioners approved by overwhelming majorities that: 

1) Two areas of land be purchased by the Parish 
2) That an "Association" be formed, to be known as "The Parish of St Martin Housing Association", to be legally independent of the Parish, and

3) To transfer the land at (1) above to that Association. 

The Parish of St Martin Housing Association was incorporated through the Royal Court in 1994, with the Objects of the Association set 'to provide residential accommodation and any ancillary amenities by whatever mode of tenure it shall have from time to time deem appropriate for persons native to or resident in the Island of Jersey and in particular persons having a close connection with the Parish of St Martin, and to provide assistance, whether financial or otherwise, for the provision of such accommodation'.

The Housing Association subsequently built a complex of 30 affordable first-time buyer homes off Rue de la Haye and in November 2020 built and provided a further 20 affordable first-time buyer homes at Clos Le Troquer, La Grande Route de Faldouet, St Martin.

The current St Martin's Housing Association Committee members are as follows:-

Chairman: Mr Michel Le Troquer 
Treasurer: Mr Terry Jehan.
Secretary:  Mr Derek Ferguson

Committee members:  Connétable Karen Shenton-Stone, Parish Deputy Steve Luce, Procureurs Mr Peter Germain and Mr Lester Richardson; Revd. Gerry Baudains; Mr Gerald Le Cocq; Mr John Germain, Mr Silva Yates; Mr Peter Searle; Mr Nelson (Bob) Le Cornu. 


The Association are currently awaiting the release of the new Island Plan in early 2021 before making a decision as to their next project. However, those seeking a first-time affordable home, and in particular those with a connection with the Parish of St Martin, should indicate their interest by completing the attached application form and forwarding it to the Association Secretary at the address shown. This will enable the Housing Association to ascertain the need for future projects. (Please do not send the application form to the Public Hall).

2021-02-08 St Martin Housing Association Application form January 2021.pdf

   (hard copies are also available from the Public Hall)


Completed forms should be sent to :


The Secretary - Mr Derek Ferguson

St Martin Housing Association

Mont St Martin

La Grande Route de St Martin

St Martin


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Le Court Clos "H" Trust & The Parish of St Martin Sheltered Housing Trust


        Parish of St Martin

The Le Court Clos "H" Trust & The Parish of St Martin Sheltered Housing Trust

Advice Sheet

Le Court Clos, St Martin is a complex of 27 homes that are administered by one of two Trusts. The Le Court Clos "H" Trust was established in 1981 and comprises of 6 homes and the "Parish of St Martin Sheltered Housing Trust" was established in 2001 and comprises the remaining twenty-one homes.

Le Court Clos is situated off La Longue Rue, St Martin and although often referred to as a "sheltered housing" the residents do not have a resident caretaker, warden or nurse to oversee the complex. It is however a close knit community where neighbours tend to support each other as and when the need arises. One of the residents maintains details of the next of kin for each of the residents and also details of their individual medical practitioners. Each home has an easily maintained garden but a number of the residents occasionally employ a gardener. The communal garden areas are maintained through the Trusts.

Enquiries are received on a regular basis at St Martin's Public Hall from people seeking information about parish sheltered housing, whether they fit the criteria for the conditions of the Trusts and if so, seeking information as to the application procedure. These notes have been prepared to assist those who may be facing an immediate housing problem and who would like to move into accommodation at Le Court Clos as soon as possible or for others who wish to be considered for a home at some future date.

The Trustees are bound by the Clauses of the Trust. These are quite specific for both Trusts. One Trust is for "elderly" residents who have been resident in the Parish and the other is for those who were born in the Parish or who have "long residence within the Parish" and who are "elderly, impoverished, infirm or disabled".

Although there are likely to be many who would like to be offered a home at the Le Court Clos complex the Constitution simply does not allow this to happen and such applications have to be declined.

Tenancy information is available from the Parish Secretary but the most usual queries relate to smoking (smoking is not permitted in the homes), parking (each home has one parking space and there are visitor spaces as well as nearby parking) and whether pets are allowed (each application is taken on its merits but normally allows those who have a small dog or cat before they move to the complex to retain that animal for the remainder of its life). The rents for all the homes are identical and rise annually in line with the Retail Price Index. Tenants are responsible for their electric and water bills as well as "occupier rates".

Many of the original residents still remain at Le Court Clos and few vacancies arise. The Trustees review the waiting list each and every time a vacancy arises. The circumstances and housing urgency for each applicant is assessed at that time. The Trusts maintain a record of applicants and there has always been a "waiting list".

If you are interested and wish to apply then please obtain an application form from the Public Hall or access from here: Le Court Clos application form 2015.docx, complete and forward, under confidential cover, to:

The Le Court Clos Trustees
c/o St Martins Public Hall
Rue de la Croix au Maitre
St Martin
JE3 6HW.