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Honorary Police of St Martin

Honorary Police of St Martin

The Connétable is responsible for the efficient and effective policing of the Parish; operational policing is overseen by the Chef de Police.

General information see the Honorary Police:


Join St Martin's Honorary Police and support the Community

There  are vacancies for three Constable's Officers at present.  If you might be interested in joining our Honorary Police in St Martin the Connétable and Chef de Police would be delighted to meet you to talk about serving in this interesting and diverse role, and about the training provided.

Contact the Chef de Police for more details - Email: or Tel: 853951. Personal enquiries are welcome between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on a Wednesday evening at St Martin's Public Hall.


Drink / Drive campaigns

Drink/Drive campaigns and Road checks are held regularly – make sure all the lights on your vehicle are in good working order and your vehicle is displaying a valid Window Insurance disc. 

Speed checks

Please respect the speed limits in our Parish. We carry out regular speed checks for the benefit of all road users including drivers.