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St Clement Honorary Police

The Connetable is responsible for the efficient and effective policing of the Parish; operational policing is overseen by the Chef de Police.

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Join St Clement's Honorary Police and support your Community

​The Honorary Police play a vital role in providing parish-based community policing. Regular duties can include attending and organising parish hall enquiries, mobile patrols around the parish, conducting road, speed and drink driving checks, attending road traffic accidents, attending complaints ranging from noisy neighbours to anti-social behaviour, responding to calls for assistance, such as missing persons searches and concerns for welfare as well as assisting with traffic control at events.

A team consists of a Centenier, a Vingtenier and 2 or 3 Constable's Officers. Each team is on duty on a rota basis, usually for one week in four.

The Parish provides full training as well as uniform and equipment to enable officers to assist with the requirements of modern day policing.

The St Clement Honorary Police also organise a range of social events throughout the year. Whether it is whilst policing or socially, we believe in creating a great sense of teamwork and friendship.

We are currently seeking Parishioners to join our team. So what is the time commitment? Well, that is very much up to each member of the Honorary Police! What we ask is that each officer is on duty for one week in four, but if other activities mean that an officer is not available on a certain day, either on a regular or casual basis, then that can be accommodated. Equally we know that most people work during the week and are unlikely to be available during the day. But this is not a problem, as others may well be free.

Why not come and have a chat with us, totally without obligation, just to see if this might be for you. Alternatively, or additionally, you might like to have an informal meet with one of our Constable's Officers who can give your first-hand information about being an Honorary Officer. If this would be helpful we would be pleased to arrange this for you.

The St Clement Honorary Police are really first class people with a mission to support and help the community in which we live. It would be great if you would consider becoming part of that team.

If you, or a member of your family, are between the ages of 20 and 69 please consider joining us to help serve the community in which we live. Just ring the Parish Hall on 854724 for more information.


Policing Plan

The Policing Plan has been prepared by the Connetable with the assistance of the Chef de Police.

2015 - 2016 Policing Plan.pdf