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Refuse and Recycling

              ****** NO CHANGES TO CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR SCHEDULE 2021 ******

                                                       2021 RECYCLING PLANNER NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD  

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                                                                               Tel - 741185

2021 Recycling Report PWM Recycle Report St Brelade 0521.pdf  PWM Recycle Report St Brelade 0621.pdf PWM Recycle Report St Brelade 0721.pdf PWM St Brelade Recycle Report 0821.pdf

Refuse Collection and Recycling

Recycling is a core strategy of the States and there are bring bank collection points in the Parish at Les Creux Country Park, the cobbled car park behind the Parish Hall and Les Quennevais Precinct for the following items:

  • paper
  • plastic bottles
  • metal cans

 There are other collection sites around the island including for green waste and for liquids such as cooking oil, paint etc. Full details are available on  (opens in new window).


Domestic Kerbside Recycling is to start from Monday 2 May 2016.  Properties in the Parish are receiving their collection receptacles delivered by Premier Waste Management and which have been kindly provided by the Department for Infrastucture.  Each different coloured box or bin is to be collected on a separate week on the same day as your normal refuse collection.  For more information contact Premier Waste Management on 741185 or 

Household Refuse is collected weekly.


  • store household refuse in suitable bins or receptacles
  • keep all glass separate from household waste – it is collected weekly for recycling
  • rinse glass jars and bottles and remove the lids; glass that is not properly sorted and cleaned may not be collected

DO NOT               

  • use plastic sacks or boxes (refuse spread by scavenging birds and rodents is your responsibility; your refuse collector may refuse to collect plastic sacks)
  • put liquids such as cooking oil, paint etc. in your household refuse (these can leak onto the road and cause dangerous conditions for road users)
  • put out garden refuse - it will not be collected
  • put electrical items in your refuse - it will not be collected
  • mix glass with household refuse
  • mix the following with glass jars and bottles -
  1. metals, ceramics or sharps
  2. carrier bags or other household refuse
  3. fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps and UV lamps (see website for specialist disposal advice)
  4. window frames, rubber seals and metal fixings
  5. building materials or rubble

Household Refuse is collected in the Parish on the following days:


Chaseville Court, Chateau des Roches Apts, Chemin des Pietons, Clos de la Marquanderie, Ethilmar Villas, Jardin de la Chapelle, La Neuve Route, Le Boulevard, Le Quai Bisson, Les Ruisseaux Estate, Mont Arthur, Mont du Boulevard, Mont Gras D'Eau, Mont les Vaux, Mont Sohier, Route de la Baie, Route de la Haule, Route des Genets, Ruelle es Ruaux, Rue au Moestre, Rue de la Valeuse, Rue du Crocquet


Bradford Avenue, Chemin de Belcroute, Chemin des Bruleries, Chemin de Noirmont, Chemin du Portelet, Clos de Carrel, Clos des Quennevais, Close des Sables, Clos du Pont Marquet, Cowdray Drive, Dene Court, Don Farm, Jardin du Crocquet, La Marquanderie, La Rue Voisin, Le Clos Don, Le Douet Clement, Le Vau Tocque, Longfield Avenue, Mont au Roux, Mont de la Rocque, Mont es Tours, Mont du Coin, Mont du Ouainse, Noirmont Lane, Parcq du Pont Marquet, Petit Pont Marquet, Petit Route des Mielles, Pinewood Close, Pont Marquet Close, Portelet Drive, Route de Noirmont, Route du Francfief, Route de L'Isle, Rue de la Retraite, Rue des Longchamps, Rue des Mans, Rue du Pont Marquet, Route Orange, St Brelade's Park, Tabor Lane, Travers Farm Lane


Chemin de Beauport, Chemin des Pietons, Chemin des Signaux, Clos de L'Atlantique, Clos des Sables, Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth Close, Elizabeth Close Flats, La Verte Rue, Le Feugerel, Les Forneaux Estate, Maudelaine Estate, Mont a la Brune, Mont de la Pulente, Mont es Croix, Parcq de L'Oeilliere, Petit Port Close, Petite Ruette, Quennevais Drive, Route de la Pulente, Route Orange, Route Orange Drive, Route du Sud, Rue Baal, Rue de la Corbiere, Rue de la Sergente, Rue des Champs, Rue du Grouet, Tudor Close


Beauport Estate, Broadway, Clos des Genets, Clos des Mielles, Clos du Roncherez, Clos du Puits, Clos St Sampson, Greenvale, Holmfield Avenue, Holmfield Drive, La Cloture, La Lienee, Les Landes Avenue, Longfield Avenue, Mayfield Avenue, Park Estate, Petite Route des Mielles, Pont Marquet Drive, Pont du Val, Route de la Quennevais, Quennevais Gardens, Quennevais Park, Quennevais Park Flats, Route des Faunois, Route du Francfief, Rue Carree, South Close, St Sampson's Avenue, Tabor Drive, Tabor Park


Belle Vue Estate, Charing Cross, Chemin de Creux, Clos de Nicole, Clos de Noirmont, Clos Saut Falluet, La Mielle Clement, Les Vaux Apartments, Mont Nicolle, Le Clos Orange, Tabor Heights


Quennevais Parade

Our appointed contractors are Premier Waste Management Ltd and can be contacted on 741185 if you have any queries