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Finding information on the site

There are various ways of finding the information you need on the Parishes website. You can use the:

  • category structure
  • search feature
  • breadcrumb trail
  • sitemap

 As you scroll down a page the 'Back to Top' link will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen - use this at any time to return to the top of the page.


The category structure

The site is organised by parishes and by various subjects listed on the homepage. Parish titles and crests will take you to your Parish quickly and easily.

At the top of the homepage you'll find the search feature. You'll also find links to general information which relates to every Parish. These links are also available from the individual Parish page.

On each Parish homepage you'll find a box titled 'Browse by Subject' displayed on the left of the page. This lists the homepage categories of that Parish in alphabetical order.

The Parish homepage also displays 'Latest News' and 'Upcoming Events'. Each section displays 3 items but other news items, past events and all upcoming events can be viewed by using the navigation arrows.


The search feature

At the top right of the homepage, you'll find a search box. You can use this instead of navigating through the homepage categories. To use the search feature, type the keyword(s) or phrase related to the information you want to find into the box and click on the 'Search' button to the right. Your search will return a list of results, and each will include a link to where that information can be found.

When you run a search from anywhere on our site, your results will always default to the tab. This tab contains everything that is hosted on our site, including:

  • web pages
  • contact details
  • reports
  • news releases
  • consultations
  • PDFs and documents


'Search' box

The 'Search' box is where your original search term is located. You can change your search term at any time to return different results.


Filter your results

You can filter your results to search on a specific Parish or on all Parishes.

If you access the Search from the website homepage the results are given for the whole site. You can narrow the results be selecting a specific Parish.

If you access the Search from the Parish homepage the results are given for that Parish. You can widen the search by selecting 'All Parishes' or you can select another Parish from the drop-down list.

If you'd like specific advice on searching for something on our site, please see the 'tips for searching' link on the Search Results page.


The breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail is found below the Parish picture on each page except the homepage. The breadcrumb helps to tell you where you are in the website, and how you got there. A breadcrumb trail looks like this:

Home > St Brelade > Clubs and Associations

The breadcrumb trail shows where a page is located in the website structure. Each section in the breadcrumb trail is also a link, so you can click on it to take you back to the previous level you visited. By using the breadcrumb trail, you can go back to a previous section of the site without needing to return to the homepage to start again.



The link "Sitemap" at the bottom of the page will outline the contents of this site and pages it contains which includes:

My Parish Online – Parish pages

  • St Brelade
  • St Clement
  • Grouville
  • St Helier (links to
  • St John
  • St Lawrence
  • St Martin
  • St Mary
  • St Ouen
  • St Peter
  • St Saviour
  • Trinity

My Parish Online – information on all Parish pages

  • FAQs
  • Honorary Police
  • Licences
  • Public Elections
  • Rates
  • Roads