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Licence renewals

Many licences should be renewed each year - see Parish Hall opening hours from 2 January 2018 for the issue of licences and permits due for renewal.


Dog licence

You must purchase a licence for each dog you keep. The licence fee is £5 per dog. The licence lasts for 1 year and must be renewed by 31 January each year. A licence cannot be issued to a person under the age of 16 years. It is an offence not to licence a dog; as an alternative to prosecution a fee of £10 may be made for late licence applications.

You need not purchase a licence if your dog is:

  • under the age of six months or
  • a guide dog kept and used solely by a blind person or a deaf person.

dog licence application

Dog owners are responsible for their dogs. In particular –

  • Every dog on a highway or in a public place must wear a collar which shows the name and address AND telephone number (a change to the law in 2016) of the owner. This will help reunite you and your dog should it stray and may avoid you incurring collection and housing costs.
  • It is an offence to allow a dog to worry livestock.
  • From 1 May to 30 September, dogs must be kept on a lead when on a beach between 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • You must remove any faeces deposited by your dog. It is an offence not to clear up after your dog and the penalty is £1,000.
  • Ensure your dog does not become a nuisance to others (see Barking Dogs for advice about statutory nuisances and neighbour complaints).

Stray dogs

If you find a stray dog:

  • check for a collar to identify the owner's name and address;
  • contact the owner to arrange for the dog to be collected;
  • if you are unable to contact the owner you should contact the Duty Centenier of the Parish;
  • the owner is responsible for paying all costs if a dog has to be collected and/or housed whilst the owner is traced by the Duty Centenier (charges from £70 for collection and from £20 per day for housing).

How many dog licences are purchased each year?

The FOI response shows the number of dog licences 2012 to 2015. The number of dog licences issued by parishes at June 2016, 2017 and 2018 is as follows:

St Brelade1,1861,1661,168
St Clement937900852
St Helier1,5931,6121,481
St John390380343
St Lawrence351407590
St Martin558522514
St Mary261262263
St Ouen640621592
St Peter623628618
St Saviour9561,043989

Driving licence

Application forms for a provisional driving licence or a full driving licence are available from your Parish Hall. You may also apply  online to renew a full Jersey driving licence or to replace a full or provisional driving licence which has been lost or defaced. 

You must be a permanent resident of Jersey to apply for a Jersey driving licence.

You must not drive a motor vehicle of any class or description on a road unless you hold a valid licence for that vehicle.

If you are resident outside Jersey and only temporarily in Jersey and you hold a full (not provisional) up to date non-Jersey driving permit and/or licence, you may drive the relevant class of vehicle for up to 12 months from your date of entry into Jersey. This ceases to apply immediately you are no longer resident at that address outside Jersey, for example when you take a permanent job in Jersey or you leave your address outside Jersey and take up permanent residence in Jersey. Further advice is available from your Parish Hall.

A driving licence is issued for one or more categories of vehicle. For details of driver licence vehicle categories, specifications and age restrictions see  Vehicle Categories. An application for a driving licence may only be made once you attain the appropriate age for the vehicle category.

A provisional licence is valid for six months and costs £20 (from 1 May 2017). A second provisional licence may be granted provided the applicant can show s/he has attempted to take the appropriate driving test (theory or driving test) in that period. A provisional licence for a moped or light motorcycle licence (or a heavy motorcycle licence following a period of disqualification) will not be valid until you obtain a certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). Apply to the Jersey School of Motorcycling Ltd CBT 2018 application form

A driving licence is valid for ten years and costs £50 (from 1 May 2017). You must enclose your last driving licence or your provisional licence and pass certificate. A full valid driving licence (not a provisional licence) from a specified country may be surrendered in exchange for a Jersey driving licence ( for details). If you do not hold a licence from one of these countries you must apply for a provisional licence and sit the prescribed driving tests (theory and practical).

One colour passport size photograph is required with each application and it must meet this specification .

A medical report must be submitted by –

  • Any driver making a first application for a category C or category D licence.
  • A person aged over 45 years on the date of application who is applying to renew a category C licence [large goods vehicle]; C+E [articulated vehicle] and/or D [large passenger carrying vehicle].
  • A person whose medical condition has worsened since their last driving licence was granted or who suffers from certain medical conditions [see application form].

Your driving licence may contain restriction codes, for example if you have a medical condition or an adapted vehicle. An explanation of these codes is available on

When applying to renew a driving licence (provisional or full licence) you must submit your last driving licence.

A duplicate licence may be issued if you have lost your driving licence, or your licence has been stolen, destroyed or defaced. You may apply online or at your parish hall, you must complete a declaration form and pay the full fee. The duplicate licence will be valid for the same period as the licence which it replaces.

If you change your name and/or address you must notify the Parish within 7 days. Use the change my name or address online service or complete and return the form Notify a change of name or address 

If you are moving away from Jersey you can complete an online form to notify your Parish, States of Jersey departments as well as your GP surgery (only if you want). For more information and the online form please take a look at

Use this form to make a Subject Access Request about driving licence information.


Firearms certificate

You may only possess a firearm if you have been granted a firearm certificate by the Connétable of the Parish in which you live (see the Firearms (Jersey) Law 2000 The only exemptions are air weapons designed for use under water and air weapons with a muzzle energy of less than one foot-pound.

A firearms certificate is also required for ammunition for a firearm (this does not include cartridges containing five or more shot, none of which exceeds .23 of an inch in diameter, ammunition for an air weapon, and blank cartridges not exceeding one inch in diameter measured immediately in front of the rim or cannelure of the base of the cartridge - please ask for further details if you are unsure).

Complete the 'Application for a Firearm Certificate', available from your Parish Hall, to apply for the:

  • Grant or renewal of a firearm certificate - you must provide two referees (details of those who may act as referee are on the application form). A firearm certificate is valid for five years and costs £45 (from 1 May 2017).
  • Variation of your name or address on your firearm certificate
  • Variation of firearms or ammunition details on your firearm certificate - the charge for a variation (if the total number of firearms increases) is £20 (from 1 May 2017); there is no charge if you are reducing the number of firearms held.

The holder of a firearm certificate must comply with all conditions imposed including -

  • notify the Connétable of any change in his place of residence (use the change my name or address online service or complete and return the form Notify a change of name or address )
  • at all times store the firearm and ammunition to which the certificate relates in a secure manner so as to prevent, as far as reasonably practicable, access to the authorised firearm or ammunition by an unauthorized person;
  • take reasonable precautions for the safe custody of the firearm and ammunition when they are in use.

Every firearm certificate holder or applicant who is or proposes to be engaged in field sports, pest control or rough shooting must provide proof of third party liability cover before the firearm certificate is granted or renewed. Cover is required as follows:

  • £2,000,000 if shooting on your own land; or
  • £10,000,000 if shooting on land belonging to another person.

Insurance is available through the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (; the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (; household insurance policy (this will usually only provide £2,000,000 cover) or a business insurance policy for a pest control business. A condition will be added to the firearm certificate requiring the holder to maintain such insurance cover; failure to do so will be a breach of conditions and may be grounds for the Connétable to revoke or partially revoke the firearm certificate.


International Driving Permit

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is recognised internationally and it normally allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle without further formality when accompanied by a valid Jersey driving licence.

If you are visiting a country for longer than 3 months, to take up residence or employment, or for any reason other than tourism, you should make enquiries about your situation before relying on a permit. Remember, it is an offence to drive a vehicle without a valid driving licence and, where required, a permit.

The Connétables are authorised to issue IDPs to applicants who hold valid Jersey driving licences. A 1949 Convention IDP will normally be provided but for Iraq, Nigeria and Somalia, a 1926 Convention IDP is required.

Apply for an International Driving Permit

You must sign your IDP as soon as you receive it. An IDP issued in Jersey is not valid for use in Jersey. An IDP cannot be issued to the holder of a Jersey provisional licence.

Check the accuracy of the personal information printed on your driving licence. If there are any errors or you have changed your name or address, you should immediately notify your Parish authority.

If you change your name and/or address you must notify the Parish within 7 days. Use the change my name or address online service or complete and return the form Notify a change of name or address 


Fireworks - retail sale of

The Explosives (Jersey) Law 1970 regulates the importation, manufacture, storage, use, conveyance, sale, purchase, transfer, acquisition and possession of explosives.

If you wish to sell fireworks by retail you must have a licence granted by the Connétable of the Parish in which the place from which the fireworks are to be sold is situated.

The licence costs £15, is valid for one year expiring on 31 December and is subject to certain conditions (set out on the application form). In particular the retail sale of fireworks is only permitted for a limited period (Friday 26 October to Monday 5 November 2018 inclusive) and the sale of certain types of fireworks is prohibited.

Apply for a 2018 licence for the retail sale of fireworks


Liquor licences

Applications for the grant of a liquor licence are made to the Treasurer of the States and are then forwarded to the Parish as the Connétable must convene a Parish Assembly to enable parishioners to comment on the application.

The comments made at the Parish Assembly are conveyed to the Licensing Assembly who will determine the application.

Any parishioner who speaks at a Parish Assembly on a licence application may then address the Licensing Assembly on that application.

A liquor licence is granted for one year and will expire on 24 December.

An application to renew a liquor licence for a further period of 1 year must be made to the Treasurer of the States between 5 October and 5 November inclusive. Applications to renew a liquor licence are not referred to a Parish Assembly.

Where a licensed manager is required for the premises, or there is to be a change of manager, the company concerned is advised to consult with their legal representative who will then inform the Connétable of the details so the relevant formalities may be completed.

To be assessed for the grant of a licence or to be registered as a manager/deputy of licensed premises please complete and return the Licensing law self declaration for managers ; you will need to provide proof of identity, references and a basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland.

Places of refreshment (Sunday opening)

Places of refreshment must be registered with the Tourism Committee in accordance with the Places of Refreshment (Jersey) Law 1967.

Registered places of refreshment may not open for the serving of customers on a Sunday, Good Friday or Christmas Day unless the Connétable of the parish in which the premises are situated has granted a permit authorizing the proprietor to open the premises. Written application should be made to the Connétable of the parish stating the and must be accompanied by the fee of £15.

Places of Refreshment application


Sunday trading permits (inc. Good Friday, Liberation Day (9 May), and 26 December)

The Shops (Regulation of Opening and Deliveries) (Jersey) Law 2010 and the Shops (Regulation of Opening) (Jersey) Regulations 2011 controls the opening of shops on Sundays and this includes Good Friday, Liberation Day (9 May), and 26 December. A shop may not open for business on these days unless a permit has been granted.

No shop may open on 25 December (Christmas Day).

An application for a permit should be made to the Connétable of the Parish in which the business is situated together with the fee of £50.00. The permit expires on 31 December.

Guidance notes for applicants

A general permit may be granted for a shop where the retail sales area does not exceed 700 square metres. If granted a general permit the shop may open on any day except 25 December (Christmas Day).

General Permit application

A single permit to open on up to 5 specified days may be granted for a shop where the retail sales area exceeds 700 square metres. A single permit does not permit a shop to open on 25 December (Christmas Day) or on 26 December.

Single Permit application

In addition a 'blanket permit' may be granted for specific events. The Connétable of the Parish may then permit all or any shops to open on the days stated and may impose such conditions as s/he thinks fit. TheSunday Trading 2018 Fete du Noue permit applies for Sundays 25 November, and 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 December 2018.