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Littering & dog fouling - penalties and enforcement issues

Start date:    9 October 2015     End date and deadline for comments: 31 December 2015 

Consultation report: Littering and dog fouling report

Statement on the consultation report: statement

About the consultation:

The Comité des Connétables wants your views on the issue of litter, including dog fouling, the current penalties and enforcement options available and alternative options which might be considered.

Dropping litter, and not clearing up dog faeces, is an offence under Jersey law. 

A review of the policing of beaches and parks was carried out by the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel in 2011. The Panel concluded that the existing legislation is sufficient and does not require amendment but did say:  

  • "It is a reality that littering is given lower social priority than crimes such as vandalism or theft, and is therefore given lower policing priority. Nevertheless, considerable public concern remains, and it would seem appropriate that the Minister for Home Affairs should work with the States of Jersey Police and Parishes to enforce the existing regulations addressing antisocial behaviour and littering as a priority, ensuring consistency across the Parishes." 

How should we encourage greater compliance but also identify offenders? What is an appropriate penalty that will deter further offences? Are the required resources available to identify and to catch offenders and is the administration required to impose a penalty proportionate and affordable? 

Read the consultation paper Littering and dog fouling - penalties and enforcement issues

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